SHURE introduces brand new microphone SM7dB

Shure are pleased to announce the latest addition to the iconic SM7 family, the SM7dB. Designed for podcasters, streamers, and vocalists, the new SM7dB XLR Dynamic Vocal Microphone delivers the extraordinary sound of the SM7B with the addition of a Shure-designed, built-in active preamp for a simplified audio workflow that removes the need for inline amplification.

More Gain. Simpler Setup. Same Iconic Sound.

The SM7dB is a dynamic vocal microphone with a custom Shure-designed built in preamp with technology licensed from Cloud. The preamp has been tuned by Shure’s expert engineers specifically for the SM7dB to ensure the iconic SM7 sound is able to live on inside the SM7dB; unchanged, unaltered and here to stay for generations to come.

Biggest questions – answered:

What’s the difference between the SM7B and the SM7dB?
The SM7dB maintains the look, sound, and features of our iconic SM7B, just with a Shure-designed built-in preamp to provide either +18 or +28 dB of transparent gain. The additional gain brings the sensitivity up to a level optimized for typical audio interfaces. The SM7dB uses the exact same components and parts, but is about 1 cm longer to accommodate the preamp circuit.

Are the SM7dB and SM7B the same microphone?
Yes, the same capsule, filter circuitry, internal shock mounting, and rear acoustic cavity dimensions are used across both microphones. If you set the SM7dB preamp to ‘Bypass’, it will operate and sound 100% identical to the classic SM7B.

Does the SM7dB need phantom power?
The SM7dB will require phantom power for the preamp to function. It still works passively without the preamp (when set to ‘Bypass’), and is effectively an SM7B.

What is the SM7dB best used for?
The SM7dB excels as a vocal microphone – it is the industry standard for a reason. Using it for singing, spoken word, and podcasting are the most common applications, but it excels at delivering a smooth and controlled sound on many sources. It handles high SPL (sound pressure level) sources extremely well, from kick drums to screaming vocals to
cranked guitar or bass amplifiers.

Does the SM7dB connect to a computer?
Not without an audio interface. Shure SM7dB is a professional microphone with industry standard 3-pin XLR connector. Users can connect this microphone to a computer using an audio interface of choice, but the microphone itself does not provide a digital output.

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