Jonava county cultural center purchased acquired latest sound system technologies for its main hall

Audiotonas has installed one of the latest line-array type acoustic systems from Martin Audio, WPC (Wavefront Precision Compact). The hall, which seats 700 people, hosts various events, so a high-quality sound system was necessary for the cultural center. WPC is a new type of three-band, optimized linear array acoustic system that allows for a more even frequency response and pressure distribution across the entire listener area compared to conventional linear array acoustic systems, as each module is composed of separate segments, each controlled by separate DSP channel.

Audiotonas sound engineers, having analyzed the acoustic and physical properties of the hall, based on the project of Vytautas Stasiukaitis, decided that the optimal number of WPC array modules is 8 halves – this was confirmed by Martin Audio Display acoustic system modeling software.

For bass reproduction, Audiotonas used 16 units of Martin Audio CSX118 acoustic systems, which were installed and tuned for cardioid polar pattern – minimal bass level is extracted in the stage space, the entire bass wave is formed ahead of the acoustic systems – exactly where needed. The direction of the low frequencies is perfectly extracted – there are practically no low frequencies on the stage.

The entire sound system is powered by six units of Martin Audio iK42 amplifiers. After modeling the hall with the Display software, we automatically receive special settings for each amplifier DSP channel that we have installed in the amplifier system. In this way, we extract what we have modeled with the help of software, namely according to the characteristics of the sound room.