Acoustic solutions for sports halls

UAB Audiotonas has successfully implemented an interesting project – using advanced acoustic measurement technologies, designed and installed an acoustic parameter optimization system for the Panemunė Primary School gym.

At the beginning of the project, acoustic measurements were performed using a pulsed sound source and professional software and hardware for acoustic measurements and calculations. During the measurements, the frequency characteristics of the sound propagating in the hall were analyzed, and the most suitable acoustic materials for solving the frequency scattering problems were selected.

Acoustic panels absorbing part of the excess low and medium frequency sounds were used to correct the room acoustics. These are arrays of acoustic absorption panels for which, by complex calculations, appropriate mounting locations on the walls and ceiling of the hall have been selected. The system operates on the Helmholtz resonator principle, absorbing part of the direct sound rays and reflecting part. This type of board is impact resistant and does not require additional maintenance. Various design options for acoustic absorption panels are available.

The acoustic correction system installed in the gym significantly improved one of the main parameters of the acoustics of the gym – the reverberation time, reducing it more than twice – to 1.4 sec. Reducing the reverberation time also improved other indicators of the hall acoustics assessment – music sound (C80) and speech intelligibility (STI) indices. As a result, it became a pleasure to be in the gym not only during sports events – there were opportunities to adapt the space of the hall to various molecular events – concerts, dance lessons, student performances, etc.

One of the components of the Panemunė Primary School project is the sound system of the hall, which uses professional acoustic systems RCF C5212-94, compatible with the sound processor RCF DX2008. Using this system managed to achieve an excellent sound result in the hall. With the help of the sound system, the sound level is evenly distributed over most of the hall area. A mobile audio cabinet with an audio control panel, music player, wireless microphone system and audio amplifiers can be transported and used in the hall only when you need it.