Sonos introduced Move 2 portable music system

The Sonos name is well-known to fans of high-quality audio systems, and the Move 2 is the latest portable speaker from the manufacturer, designed for active music lovers.


Sound system

The system consists of stereo high-frequency and low-frequency speakers, the sound of which is automatically calibrated according to the acoustic properties of the room, thanks to Sonos Trueplay technology. This means that it doesn’t matter in which environment the device will be used: in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, room or outside – the system will adapt and the reproduced sound will be clear, balanced and filling the space. For those who like to control the sound themselves, the Sonos app is available, where you can find the device’s EQ and other sound settings. Move 2 can be used as a Bluetooth or AirPlay2 speaker, play music directly from Spotify or other platforms via WiFi, as well as when connected to a music source via line-in.

Designed for active use

Since the Move 2 is designed for active use, a high-capacity battery is installed inside the device, which allows you to play music continuously for up to 24 hours! By the way, when the battery wears out, users can replace it themselves, so you can extend the life-span of the device. The battery is charged using a wireless adapter-stand, in which the Move 2 can be kept while playing. Move 2 repellent of water and dust (IP56), the case is resistant to small impacts (for example, accidentally dropping the device on the ground), so you can use it both outdoors and in wet conditions.

Digital assistance and attention to privacy

The Move 2 can act as a voice-controlled Amazon Alexa digital assistant. Voice control features can be disabled at the touch of a button, while still allowing other microphone-based features (such as Trueplay or Bluetooth calls) to work. However, for those who want to use the system only as a player, there is a simple switch on the back of the device that physically disconnects all of the system’s microphones.

Sonos plans to have the first Move 2 systems reach customers in mid-October, and pre-orders are being accepted now. Interested? Contact Audiotonas managers for more accurate information on prices and delivery terms.