SightLine Floating Projection Screen Technology

The latest innovation in projection screen design is here. SightLine is a new cable drop technology option that gives the impression of a floating screen.

Instead of the traditional black drop, screens with SightLine are suspended by slim, sleek cables that help preserve the architecture of the space. The screen virtually floats in the room and completely disappears when not in use.


This makes SightLine ideal for today’s hybrid applications where office room environments are not solely dedicated to one single presentation, meeting room or video conferencing application.


See how the view is different with SightLine:


Screens with SightLine replace the standard black border above the projection area with 3 or 4 thin cables, resulting in a simply stunning floating screen display.


Gone are the days when the only option was a black drop that blocked the space above the projection screen. The SightLine cable drop extends up 70”/180 cm, depending on your needs, and leaves the area between the ceiling and screen exposed for an enhanced aesthetic. Drop the projection screen to the height you need while preserving the look of the room, the way the architect intended.