Shure NEXADYNE: The ultimate vocal microphone for touring musicians

The new Nexadyne™ Dynamic Vocal Microphone from Shure offers professional touring musicians unparalleled tone, clarity and consistency regardless of the venue they’re playing. Meet the next standard in live performance microphones.

Revolutionary Revonic™ Technology

Using two matched transducers – precisely balanced in an acoustic network – Revonic is poised to make Nexadyne a huge step forward in the evolution of dynamic microphones. By focusing and tuning the mic’s signal output, the transducers enable greater clarity of a desired sound source while minimizing things like unwanted noise such as stage bleed.

Taken together, all that cutting-edge tech packed into each and every microphone means better overall performance for both musicians and audio engineers alike.

Singers will experience a previously unknown clarity onstage. In short, they’ll get that natural sound no matter where they’re performing.

Audio engineers, meanwhile, will no longer need to make constant EQ corrections, since the microphone will have already optimized the signal output acoustically.

Consistent & Natural Sound

So how does all this audio sorcery work? Well, the two transducers, or Revonic engines, improve the sound quality and rejection of unwanted noise by unlocking greater control of the microphone’s acoustic response. Whereas the upper engine can capture the signal with improved clarity and isolation, adding the second active engine gives Shure engineers precise control of the mic’s frequency response, polar pattern consistency, and vibration cancellation.

Shure will offer two versions of the Nexadyne vocals mic: one with a standard cardioid polar pattern and a second with a supercardioid pattern.

Wireless Capsules Available

Shure is also offering a variety of wireless Nexadyne capsules in black and also a classy nickel finish in both cardioid and supercardioid flavors. These will go great with existing Shure wireless systems including Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D and SLX-D, as well as any Shure wireless transmitter with interchangeable capsules.

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