Hand sanitizer with advertising screen

The hand sanitizer station is an ideal place for information messages or advertisements.

Introducing a fully automated hand sanitizer with an integrated 22 ”LCD screen. These devices combine the Digital Signage video display system with a hand sanitizer station into a single device, ideal for locations where high standards of public, customer or employee hygiene are desired.

Automated dispenser

It is enough to reach out and the device will inject an accurately measured rate of disinfectant. The high-quality nozzle ensures that the liquid does not drip, clog the appliance or hit clothes.

Steel body and reliable electronics

The device is made of a sturdy steel housing, ideal for commercial and public places. The LCD screen and internal electronic components are designed for continuous operation 24 hours a day.

Content Management License

All devices come with a 1-year content management license, which allows devices to manage and update the information displayed remotely. Even if you use the device where there is no Internet connection, the screen images can be displayed using a USB storage device.

More info: https://www.allsee-tech.com/digital-signage-products/hand-sanitiser-display.html