Zapyškis St. John the Baptist Church sound and light systems

The old St. John the Baptist Church is one of the oldest churches in Lithuania, and although regular services are no longer held there, the church is often open to the public as a space for cultural events, admired for its unique architecture and landscape.

Audiotonas team had the task of installing sound and light systems in this church with cultural heritage status. As a result, strict requirements were placed on the systems so that the new equipment did not compromise the architectural integrity of the building.

A special technical solution was required for the acoustic properties of the church – as usual for this type of building, there was a lot of reverberation, but due to the requirements of heritage protection, it was not possible to use the usual solutions to improve the acoustic properties. For sound reinforcement, we picked Renkus-Heinz controlled vertical directivity acoustic systems, that has the ability to direct the sound in the vertical plane only where it is needed, thus avoiding additional reflections and unwanted reverberation of the acoustic environment. The system achieves a noticeably better STI parameter (Speech Transmission Index), which could not be achieved with conventional acoustic systems.

The lighting system consists of 20 units of controllable beam white light spotlights for murals, altar, exhibits, and 16 units of RGBW floodlights for wall coloring.

All floodlights are unique in that they have extremely small dimensions and are mounted on a special rail that supplies not only electricity, but also the control (DMX) signal. In this way, the entire installation is extremely discreet, does not affect the unity of the church historical architecture and can also be easily adapted according to the needs of events.