Sound systems in Kaunas Žalgiris swimming pool

Žalgiris swimming pool, located in Kaunas, on Nemunas river island recently welcomed its first visitors. The opening of this pool is a celebration for swimming professionals, as the 50-meter-long 10-lane pool is equipped in accordance to the strict requirements of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) for Olympic pools.

Audiotonas specialists designed and installed a moisture and temperature resistant sound system for the pool building, which will be used for events, training and background music. Live performances and events can also be accommodated – there is a sound operator’s workplace with a professional digital Yamaha sound mixing console. One of the pools is equipped with underwater speakers, which will give visitors additional impressions.

A lot of attention was given to separate voice fire warning system installation. It follows strict requirements according to the EN54 standard and all equipment used is certified for use in voice evacuation systems.

The building sound reinforcement system is divided into zones, allowing different music to be played in different spaces, and volume levels to be controlled separately. A Crestron processor is used to control the system, which can be controlled wirelessly within the building using an iPad tablet. Dividing the building into zones also allows making voice announcements to selected areas – this functionality will be used to broadcast messages to visitors.

All speakers installed in pool areas are resistant to moisture, and in sauna areas – also resistant to high ambient temperatures. In total Audiotonas specialists installed as many as 222 speakers and 11 powerful sound amplifiers for background music, and the number of components of the fire warning system is no less impressive – when the security system is activated, evacuation instructions would sound from 206 speakers.