Playful performances of Kaunas Puppet Theater with new sound

In 2018, during the reconstruction of Kaunas Puppet Theater, Audiotonas specialists renewed the sound system of the Great Hall. This hall seats 233 spectators, more than 200 performances are performed here every year, and three premieres are presented.

Audioton’s engineers have installed a surround sound system that sort of moves viewers into the action taking place on stage and allows the viewers ’imagination to be fully revealed. All speakers are Martin Audio gCDD-LIVE! The series is characterized by the most innovative solutions – coaxial speakers installed in acoustic systems, the directionality of which is asymmetrical – the speaker plays wider in the near field, and the sound field narrows away from it. Therefore, we obtain a more even distribution of sound pressure in the listener space.

In order to obtain the highest quality of transmitted audio signals, Audioton engineers have chosen to use the Audinate DANTE digital audio transmission protocol. The entire distribution of audio signals is exclusively digital – from the Yamaha QL5 digital audio console to acoustic systems – they have an integrated digital audio network interface DANTE.

Martin Audio CDD-LIVE was also used to sound the stage space! series speakers. 4 units of CSX-LIVE 118 subwoofer systems were used for subwoofer reproduction. Shure CVB and CVG series and other microphones are used to amplify action sounds and actors’ voices, which are connected to Yamaha Rio1608-D digital remote input / output boxes, which transmit audio signals via DANTE protocol.