New sound system for „Vytautas the Great war museum“ in Kaunas

The exhibition hall of the Vytautas the Great War Museum (Vytauto Didžiojo karo muziejus), due to its architectural features, has a very long reverberation time. The longer the reverberation time, the lower language intelligibility to the listener.

The hall is a cultural heritage, no architectural solutions that would improve the acoustic properties of the hall can be installed, so engineers from Audiotonas found a different solution – we chose acoustic systems that adapt to the complex acoustic characteristics of the environment and excite hall reverberation as little as possible. Sound is projected directly at the listeners.

We have chosen Renkus-Heinz acoustic system, that is extremely compact, but have an integrated sound processor, a special array of speakers, consisting of six high-frequency speakers – which allows controllling the vertical angle of sound distribution The small dimensions of the speaker cabinets do not mean that the emitted sound pressure is low – the described model can reproduce sound up to 131 dB pressure.

In the exhibition hall, we matched the acoustic systems so that they can be used both as a stereo pair and as a spaced system with a delayed line – we place the main speaker cabinet in front of the hall and the other one in the middle of the hall, set with sound delay – thus extending the sound coverage to 35 meters. The mode can be switched from stereo pair to delayed line configuration at the touch of a button, the display and buttons are integrated in the rear of the speaker cabinet. In this way, this acoustic system is as universal as possible and at the same time – mobile.

More information about Renkus-Heinz ICLX speakers: