Sound and video systems in the Vilnius athletics arena

The athletics arena, which belongs to the Lithuanian Sports Center, upgraded its building with completely new audio and video (scoreboard) systems.

14 units of the manufacturer Community coaxial loudspeakers were used for sound reinforcement of the main arena area. These systems have acoustic properties intended specifically for large and acoustically complex spaces. The AMC DSP24 processor is used to tune the audio system, has the ability to change the frequency characteristics of individual audio channels and the duration of the signal delay. An easy-to-use analog audio signal mixer and two sets of Shure BLX radio microphones are used for PA.

SMAART software and measurement microphones were used for fine-tuning the acoustic systems. Thanks to the software, we precisely measured and matched the sound characteristics of acoustic systems: tonal balance, frequency characteristics, delay values. These parameters set in the sound processor made it possible to obtain a significantly higher STI (speech intelligibility index), thanks to these parameters unwanted acoustic problems of the given space are overcome, such as excessively long sound ringing (reverberation), echoes, strong resonance of certain sound frequencies, forming standing sound waves. In spaces with higher STI, speech and sound are more intelligible and people in the space feel more comfortable.

The scoreboard in the middle of the arena consists of two large-format and high-brightness LED screens. We designed and manufactured an aluminum frame specially for these 3×2 m size screens, which is attached to the structure of the ceiling. When manufacturing this bracket, we also took into account the characteristics of the building’s roof, choosing the installation solution that had the least influence on the existing structures.

The video signal is transmitted to the display boards from the broadcasting computer via optical networks. A computer with specialized software for lightboard control and video stream generation.