Tadas Ivanauskas zoology museum in Kaunas

The renovated Tadas Ivanauskas zoology museum is equipped with a modern event and exhibition hall, suited to hold events of various formats. The hall is equipped with a discreet, but exceptional quality sound system. Martin Audio  CDD6 asymmetric directional acoustic systems and a compact Martin Audio SX112 bass acoustic system were chosen for this purpose. Since we wanted to maintain the architectural integrity of the hall, we installed the subwoofer above the suspended ceiling. Two professional digital SHURE SLXD series wireless microphones are also available for conducting events.

The sound of the hall’s microphones and music is controlled with Biamp automatic multifunction signal processor. Museum employees can make all the necessary changes using Biamp wall controller – this way controlling the sound system is simplified and does not require specific knowledge. In addition, we adapted this Biamp processor to also control the video screens in the hall, so the same wall panel controls not only the sound of the hall, but also the image displayed on two large-format Samsung screens.

The lobby of the museum also received an upgrade – we installed a 2×2 format 4K resolution video wall from large format frameless NEC video monitors. The color gamuts of all four video monitors were calibrated using an external calibration device after installation. The content of the video wall is managed by the museum staff using a BrightSign video player with special software that allows easy programming of the video broadcast schedule. Video screens were also placed in the windows facing Laisvės avenue, so that information about the museum’s activities could be seen by passers-by.