Audio systems play important role in Druskininkai aqua park

Druskininkai Water Park, V. Kudirkos Street 45, Druskininkai

After the reconstruction of the former physiotherapy treatment building in Druskininkai, as much as 21,000 m2 of Druskininkai water park was opened.

The park features a 9,000 m2 water theme area with a six-hill tower, 18 different saunas, a three-star hotel with more than 90 rooms, a conference center, a bowling alley, a nightclub, two spas, cafes and bars. Up to 1,800 visitors can visit the water park at one time.

Audiotonas installed an 18-zone fire warning and evacuation control and background music broadcasting system in Druskininkai Water Park. With the help of this system – not only evacuation of park visitors is threatened when people’s health and life are threatened (in case of fire, power failure, structural defects of the building), but also creates a great atmosphere by broadcasting a musical background in every space. The AMC speakers selected for each zone perfectly match the interior and functional room solutions. Moisture-resistant DNH Aqua30 acoustic systems are used in swimming pools and saunas. In the pool, underwater, we have installed DNH speakers – pool visitors, immersed in the pool, can enjoy the sounds of soothing, relaxing music.

The system is controlled using the Crestron touch screen at the reception. It is enough for the operator (it can be any employee, even without special technical knowledge) to touch the function indications on the touch screen and to enter the control area, the desired system control functions can be adjusted. In this way, it is possible to select the desired audio source and switch it to the selected park area, to voice the information to visitors in the park area or in the selected area.

Local control panels are installed in five areas of the park, allowing you to select the sound source and set the sound level in the area you are in, and integrated sound level controls in the sauna, aerobics and recreation areas allow you to react quickly to changing conditions.

The sound source uses a computer in the server room with as many as 16-output sound card and software for multi-zone background music streaming. This “smart player” can play up to 16 different music tracks simultaneously, according to a pre-recorded program, broadcast commercials and informational messages to the programmed area at a set time.