Soundmasking solution in Devbridge Vilnius office

Just recently, we wrote about Devbridge, an international company working in the IT field, for which we installed modern audio and video equipment in their brand new Vilnius office. This time we are back at the Devbridge office with Biamp Cambridge Soundmasking technology which will be used to improve working conditions in the shared office spaces. It didn’t take long for Devbridge to be convinced about the benefits of soundmasking, since similar equipment has been successfully used in the company’s office in the US for some time. Therefore, it is not surprising that the employees of the company, who knew first-hand the real benefits of the technology, decided to apply this solution in other locations as well.

Soundmasking technology is based on the principles of sound masking with special noise. In open-space office, the conversations of employees are perfectly audible to nearby people – this poses challenges for privacy and confidentiality, as well as the constantly working in a “talking” environment worsens employee productivity indicators and interferes with concentration. After the installation of Soundmasking equipment, such spaces are filled with barely audible (later even inaudible to employees) noise of special acoustic parameters, which impairs speech intelligibility. In this way, an office worker is able to hear a conversation going on nearby, but cannot clearly understand the content of the speech. Various conducted studies, as well as users who use the technology themselves, claim that the sound effect created allows for better concentration, and the conversations heard do not distract attention. Also, sound masking near meeting rooms reduces the possibility of outsiders “overhearing” the ongoing conversation outside the door. The most important thing is that the Soundmasking technology does not interfere with direct communication or phone conversations at all, and the sound emitted by the system is no more distracting than other sounds in the office.

We are pleased to offer Devbridge the advanced Cambridge Soundmasking system from Biamp. This system has been improved for many years, the advantages provided by the equipment are used by thousands of office workers all over the world, including in Lithuania.

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