Lighting of the Snaigyno-Veisiejų observation tower

Thanks to the active community of Veisiejai, Lithuania, the observation tower lighting project was initiated, of which the technical design and implementation was carried out by the Audioton team.

The observation tower is a 15-meter-high open structure designed for view of the landscape of Dzūkija and the nearby Snaigynas lake from above. From now on, the tower will stand out not only with its unique, whirlwind-like architecture, but also with bright colored lighting. The chosen luminaires can withstand the environmental conditions in the tower, they are securely mounted on the central pillar of the tower and direct the light not only to the structures of the building, but also widely around it, thus creating an impressive light show in the area next to the tower. Before the installation, the customers were presented with lighting visualizations, created with the software for designing lighting solutions, in which the possible lighting scenarios of the tower were designed and shown.

The lighting is controlled by a DMX512 controller with the ability to program required lighting scenarios for the tower, including start and end times, duration of the lighting programs. It is possible to program lighting for special occasions, holidays or other important dates, for example, to shine with the colors of the tricolor flag during public holidays. The colors of the tower lighting change in bands horizontally and vertically in programmed color compositions using energy-efficient, durable LED lights with RGBW (red, green, blue and white) color mixing.

Although the observation tower first lit up with colors as the major holidays of the year approaching, the installed lighting will be used throughout the year.