Electronic discussion and voting system in the meeting hall of the Skuodas District Municipality Council

We upgraded an electronic discussion and voting system in the meeting hall of the Skuodas District Municipality Council. This hall became the first in Lithuania (and one of the first in Europe) to use Televic equipment with the Confero MEET hybrid meeting solution.

Confero MEET software allows council members to register for a meeting, discuss and vote both in the Council hall and remotely connecting to the system from home or another place with internet access. All council members’ votes, agenda items, project decisions, descriptions and other information are managed by the software in the hall, or by connecting to the system with a computer or other device – the same functionality is maintained, so remote or hybrid participation in the meeting provides the same opportunities as being in the hall.

Together with the electronic meeting system, a live video broadcasting system is installed using two high-definition video cameras that automatically turn to the speaking council member when it is his turn to speak. The combined image is transmitted from the cameras and from the meeting information management system. Spectators and all meeting participants can immediately graphically see the voting results, the names and positions of the speakers, the agenda information, also participants have the opportunity to broadcast the image from their devices to the hall and audience screens – for this, the Wyrestorm SW-540-TX-W video control and wireless transmission system has been installed in the council hall, as well as two 65-inch LG video screens.

Automation of the hall systems is done with Crestron RMC4 control processor, which simplifies the control of the equipment to a few clicks – there is no need to activate all separate systems (audio, video, cameras, servers, etc.) separately. Sound processing is performed with the Biamp Tesira Forte Ci conference sound processor. In fact, clear sound is the highest priority of the entire meeting system solution – in case of connection failures or insufficient data bandwidth, Confero MEET primarily reduces the quality of the video transmission to ensure a high-quality and uninterrupted audio transmission.