Digital technologies in Šiauliai drama theater Small Hall

The harmony of the latest technologies and traditions in the reborn small hall

Renovation and equipment modernization works have been going on at Šiauliai Drama Theater for several years. At the end of 2017, construction work was completed and new equipment was installed in the small hall. After the renovation, the image in the small hall changed fundamentally – the interior was renewed, and spectator chairs with telescopic sliding platforms were installed. Audiotonas has installed modern sound, artistic lighting, video projection systems based on the latest information technologies, as well as motorized lifts for scenery and floodlights. Together with transformable spectator chairs and multifunctional audio-visual solutions, the small hall has become not only a performance space, but can also be used for a variety of artistic and educational projects. A modern multi-channel audio and video projection system, recording and broadcasting of video from cameras, multifunctional lighting devices and remote communication means provide various possibilities for organizing concerts, showing films, organizing conferences or educational projects.

The small hall of Šiauliai Drama Theater is probably the first venue for cultural events in Lithuania, which is equipped with a fully digital and multifunctional sound amplification system. Here, all the main components – acoustic systems, sound control panels, digital wireless microphones are connected to the system using audio signal switching and transmission digital communication DANTE technologies. This means that the key components – Martin Audio CDD-Live series of eighteen acoustic systems with integrated amplifiers and computer controllers – are combined with Yamaha QL1 digital audio mixer, Yamaha Rio3224-D audio signal switching device and SHURE ULXD series wireless microphones using computer networking Cat6 type cables. The status and parameters of all system components are managed or controlled from the system computer, which also performs the functions of storing, editing and managing music or other audio recordings.

A new stage artistic lighting system has been installed, which includes various types of theater spotlights with LED light sources, dual-function luminaires with controlled beam direction, floodlight RGB luminaires. Spotlights with halogen lamps from Robert Juliat or ETC, which are traditionally used in many theaters, are also installed. Conventional or classic lighting fixtures and state-of-the-art LED devices, known to all artists for decades, provide a very wide range of opportunities for developers to realize any scenographic ideas.

A scenography mechanization system has been installed in the small hall – motorized decoration lifts, spotlight hanging traverses, the stage curtain is controlled remotely. All of these tools extend even greater opportunities to create performances that are even more convenient to prepare and create an attractive or intriguing scenography for the viewer.

The stage is equipped with a 5-meter-wide video screen that can be unfolded from the operator’s workstation and a high-resolution image can be projected. Together with the multi-channel sound system, the small hall can become a great place to watch movies or recorded performances, presentations, educational events and meetings, and various other events that may require visual information.