Modern audio system in the White Hall of the Lithuanian Presidential Palace

Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania, S. Daukanto a. 3, Vilnius

The Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania is one of the most important institutions of the Republic of Lithuania. Many events of national significance take place here every day: receptions of high-ranking guests, ceremonies honoring deserving Lithuanian citizens, various occasional events, therefore a high-quality sound system is a necessity.

The Office of the President was looking for a modern, compact sound system that would match the beautiful interior of the White Hall. The solution was found quickly – Martin Audio DD6 is a work of state-of-the-art audio technology.

Martin Audio speaker system DD6 is designed and manufactured based on the principle of differential dispersion technology. This technology ensures a much more even distribution of the frequency characteristic and sound wave pressure (SPL) in the sound area than with the usual X ‘x Y’ type systems, which have the disadvantage of varying these characteristics as they move away from the sound propagation point.

DD6 is developed using patented BEM (Boundary Element Method) solutions. The design of the tweeter diffuser allows the sound to be reproduced in 3D.

In the short focal length of a sound wave, the horizontal sound scatter is 120 °, and as the distance increases, this angle of propagation changes to 90 °, thus concentrating the sound wave energy in a distant sound zone and ensuring a more even distribution of the sound wave. The vertical scattering angle is 60 °, concentrating the sound wave above the center of the horizontal scatter.

The result of this combination of emitting a sound wave at a narrowing angle in the horizontal plane and a higher power above the center of the horizontal scattering is a high-frequency progressive sound wave scattering: the energy of a high-frequency wave increases as you move away from the acoustic system. The 3D dispersive diffuser model allows for ideal sounding not only of flat-surface audiences, but also of spaces designed on the principle of an amphitheater. DD6 acoustic systems, using differential dispersion technology, find a wide range of applications in many professional projects – individual room sound, event sound, DD6 can be used as a central or balcony space, stage monitor acoustic system.

The technical parameters of the DD6 also impress – 190 mm wide, 359 mm high and 207 mm deep, 6.5 “low frequency and 0.5” high frequency speakers with neodymium magnets are installed in the body of only 7 liters of layered Baltic birch plywood. The DD6 can restore 150W of power at a maximum pressure of 119 dB! DD6 reproducible frequency band 70Hz-20kHz. After many tests, the customer has no doubts – DD6 is the most suitable solution.

During the project, four DD6 acoustic systems were installed, which were painted white at Martin Audio’s factory, a Bittner Audio amplifier was used for amplification, and the BIAMP NEXIA SP digital signal processor adapted the acoustic parameters of the sound system to give a rich, full frequency spectrum. for the acoustics of the White Hall of the Presidency. Not only the client – the Chancellery of the Lithuanian Presidency, but also our specialists were satisfied with the project, contributing to the creation of the image of modern Lithuania with this modest work.