Stage technology installation experience in the modern Alytus City Theatre

Alytus City Theater, Rotušės a. 2, Alytus

Alytus City Theater has been operating for more than 20 seasons. For a long time, the theater did not have a large hall, performances and events were held in the small hall and other theater spaces. The construction of the Great Hall took more than 15 years and was completed in early 2011.

During 2008-2010, the following stage technology systems were installed in the Great Hall:

  • sound system;
  • stage artistic lighting system;
  • video broadcasting system;
  • language translation system;
  • stage decoration lift system;
  • the rotating wheel of the scene.

Sound system

RCF’s multi-channel sound system was installed on the big stage, new sound operator’s workplace equipment was installed – sound and lighting control panels, video broadcasting equipment, specialized computer, audio media playback equipment and other accessories.

The RCF TT series professional acoustic systems are installed in the part of the stage portal and on the stage, the technical properties of which perfectly meet the specific requirements of the theater. High efficiency, sound pressure, even sound distribution and compact design, excellent sound quality and other features have for many years ensured the highest requirements of sound professionals in theaters, concert halls and other various projects around the world.

The installation locations and sound directions of the acoustic systems have been carefully calculated to ensure even and high-quality sound propagation throughout the hall. According to the perimeter of the hall, compact effective acoustic systems are installed on the rear wall and ceiling, which form various spatial sound effects for highlighting or broadcasting multi-channel musical sound recordings.

The interior of the theater hall, designed by architect Saulius Juškys, has excellent acoustic properties. The audio equipment includes a digital sound director console Yamaha 01V with rich technical features and an additional analog Soundcraft sound console. With the help of a digital console, various sound preset programs can be prepared and stored in the memory, and sound effects can be created.

The stage art lighting system consists of more than 150 different types of lighting spotlights – Robert Juliat and Philips Selecon profile type spotlights, fresnel and PC spotlights of various wattages, automated color changers, multifunctional moving head spotlights, various stage effects devices. A 144-channel dimmer system and a computerized Zero88 lighting control panel have been installed to control the spotlights.

The theater hall is equipped with a multifunctional video system, which includes two high-power and high-definition companies Digital projection and Eiki video projectors, two large-format video screens, stationary video cameras in the hall, a professional mobile video camera. The hardware room is equipped with a modern video director’s workstation, equipped with video signal control, effect creation devices and specialized software for editing recorded video material and creating video scenes.

The hall is equipped with a wireless DIS language translation system, 4 translator workstations have been prepared. The system is equipped with 200 wireless translation language receivers that work perfectly anywhere in the hall.

The system of stage mechanisms consists of 4 motorized lighting bridges, 22 motorized decoration lifts, a motorized mechanism of the front curtain. All stage top mechanization equipment is manufactured by the British manufacturer Hall Stage, with more than 100 years of experience in the global stage technology market.

In the floor part of the stage, an 11-meter-diameter swivel wheel with an independently controlled moving ring was installed.