Movie theater systems in sanatorium “Versmė” in Birštonas


The renewed Birštonas sanatorium “Versmė” celebrates its 50th anniversary by continuing to nurture and maintain traditional, time-tested methods of sanatorium treatment, professionally providing services that help people regain their health, well-being and strength.

We – Audiotonas – also contributed to the quality service package. Among the wellness treatments, visitors to the sanatorium will enjoy the sound and view of the highest quality cinema. We are proud of this project because we had the opportunity to create synergies between architectural and technical solutions – thus not only improving the physical acoustics of the cinema, adapting the color scheme of the interior, but also choosing the most rational technical solutions.


Hall architecture and acoustics

We covered the perimeter of the hall walls with special acoustic panels that absorb sound waves, thus significantly reducing unwanted reflections of sound waves. This significantly improved the acoustic properties of the hall and created the impression of a “real cinema hall”. The colors and materials of the interior were also chosen in accordance to our observations – dark tones of the walls, ceiling and floor do not distract viewers and allow them to focus on the film.



We have installed a surround sound system from Martin Audio’s CDD series, which is characterized by high-quality sound reproduction, exceptionally even sound distribution throughout the space and compact housings. The cinema features a 5.2-channel standard surround sound system based on a Biamp sound processor that delivers audio signals from the movie server exclusively in the form of digital multichannel signals, preserving the original soundtrack of the movie.

Low frequency reproduction is a very important detail for movie sound, the most impressive effects are created by explosions, low-pitched music tracks – it greatly enhances the impression of the action in the film and makes viewers feel like in the scene – we used 2 Martin Audio SX112 subwoofers, that perfectly reproduce bass frequencies in both quieter and louder scenes, thanks to ultra-sensitive speaker drivers.

The entire sound system was matched – both the phasing and frequency characteristics of the individual acoustic systems, as well as sound pressure limiters – using a matched pair of calibrated sound measurement microphones, the iSEMcon EMX-7150 and SMAART professional measurement and analysis software.



The video projector projects a 4K resolution image on a 3-meter wide wide-format projection screen. The projection material is specially designed to display a 4K resolution image – so that no pixels are lost due to the unevenness of the material. The reflection coefficient of the projection material and the brightness of the projector were chosen to ensure a comfortable transition from dark scenes to light scenes – to make it easier for eyes to adapt – which is very important when installing a cinema video system.

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