RetroBYTES coffee shop sound system

Unique personal business idea

At the beginning of the summer, a unique leisure place opened its doors on Kaunas’s Laisvės avenue – the RetroBYTES cafe, which offers not only snacks and coffee, but also displays a personal collection of vintage computers collected by the owner of the establishment.

The author of the business turned to Audiotonas specialists for the installation of the indoor sound system, because according to him, this place should resemble English student community clubs, which are usually located near universities. And as we know, there is no lack of good sound in student life.

The sound system

High-end Martin Audio A55T speakers were chosen for the RetroBYTES sound system, and Martin Audio SX110B subwoofer was used to reinforce the low frequencies. The “main engine” of the entire audio system is a four-channel audio amplifier from Blaze Audio, a new generation audio equipment manufacturer. This extremely compact but capable amplifier has an integrated digital sound processor inside, so it can be used to perfectly adjust the balance of the sound system and other parameters without the need for outboard sound equipment.

By the way, when you visit RetroBYTES, don’t be surprised to see the owner of the place hands-on at the DJ console – a digital Pioneer DDJ-800.