Advanced audio technologies in the house of worship in Šiauliai

St. Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, Gegužių street 57, Šiauliai

A new church opened its doors in Šiauliai, on the corner of Lyra-Gegužių streets. The authors of the project are architects Darius Jakubauskas and Andrius Vernys, who won the closed competition announced by the Šiauliai Diocese.

St. The building of the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary is reminiscent of two palms clasped in prayer. The church stands out for its spaciousness and brightness. The area of ​​the church is 1100 square meters, the church can accommodate over 700 worshipers at a time.

We used Martin Audio Omniline linear sound array acoustic systems to sound the hall, which were almost imperceptibly integrated into the bright and warm interior of the church.

Using the Omniline software, we achieved that the voice clarity would be very good in all places of the church visitors and the sound pressure would remain the same in the whole calculated area. This is achieved only with the help of two acoustic systems, each consisting of 12 modules. The altar space and the organ balcony space are sounded with AMC acoustic systems. Specialized outdoor columnar RCF acoustic systems were used to sound the area around the church.

BIAMP programmable sound processor NEXIA CS and programmable wall control panel RED-1 were used to process the audio signal. Da Vinci software is used to control processor operation, change parameters and analyze data.

The following features are installed during CPU programming:

  • automatic microphone volume adjustment;
  • determination of frequency characteristics.

Clockaudio microphones are used to produce a transparent, natural voice signal.

After completing all the work, the user has a sound system, for which he needs to turn on the system power for quality work – everything else is performed by the elements of the automated sound system programmed by our specialists.