Worldwide recognised digital signage system in Swedbank bank

Swedbank, which is successfully developing its operations in Lithuania, has decided to invest in modern technologies and install a digital information system (Digital Signage) in its banking branches. In the initial stage, the economic solution offered by another company did not work – it was too complicated to administer the system, the content was updated only manually by directly connecting to each information access point. After analyzing the client’s technical task, Audioton proposed to tilt the started system towards a professional solution – SCALA Digital Signage system. This system met all the customer’s expectations – using the SCALA software package, the system is centrally managed via the Internet, able to play video and audio files of various standards.

The company Scala Inc. (USA) software is designed for streaming background music, audio-visual advertising and other information to remote points anywhere in the world (in this project – to Swedbank customer service centers).

This system could be compared to a private television or radio station whose programs are broadcast over the Internet and the program itself is developed by the system customer according to his needs. Musical, visual and advertising information is prepared in advance and placed on the central server, and in remote departments the computer-player receives the information intended for it on the Internet and broadcasts it at the appointed time.

System features:

  • broadcast background music at a set time;
  • to broadcast advertising clips at a set time;
  • broadcast certain textual information to customers or employees at a specified time;
  • broadcast certain audio information to customers or employees at a specified time;
  • the ability to simultaneously broadcast different information in different regions, departments and on different screens;
  • almost unlimited system expansion possibilities – up to 30,000 remote points.

One of the main requirements of the bank in implementing this system was security. The trial version of the system has been tested for some time, simulating hacking tests. After successful testing, it was decided to continue the system installation.

In total, about 140 customer service departments have been installed throughout Lithuania. In some sections, this system is intended only for the playback of background music, elsewhere it also broadcasts promotional videos.

The central server of the digital information system is physically installed in Kaunas, from which information is transmitted only through a secure Internet connection channel intended for that purpose.

The customer service center system is equipped with an HP personal computer player with ESI Maya MKII sound reproduction board, AMC sound amplification equipment and acoustic systems. Larger customer service centers are equipped with NEC or Planar professional LCD displays. The volumes of background acoustic systems, LCD screens, and audio amplifier models for each digital information system subsystem were selected based on the size of the customer service department and customer flows.

In case of internet line failures, the digital information system of the customer service department is able to work in autonomous mode for up to 10 days. In the event of a fault, the system automatically informs the responsible persons.

Currently, Audioton has signed an agreement with Swedbank for the maintenance and management of the digital information system and its content.