The interaction of visual technologies and scenography in the National Drama Theater of Kaunas

The National Kaunas Drama Theater has renewed its audiovisual tools for stage productions for the premieres of the 2023 season. For scenography needs, the theater received a high-resolution LED screen with a total image area of 18 square meters.


The device is made up of 72 individual P3.9 mm resolution 0.5×0.5 m size modules that can be installed in a large format hanging screen. For the beginning of the new 2023 season, this visual tool was used for the first time in the premiere performance “The Storm”. The screen weights a total of 550 kg and is hung on the decoration crossbars. When the screen is not in use, it is quickly and easily disassembled into parts and stored in transport and storage boxes with wheels. The screen for other performances or events can be assembled in any configuration and geometric format according to combinations of 0.5×0.5m segments.


The screen has a high resolution and is suitable for use not only indoors, but also outdoors. The screen’s mechanical properties allow it to be used on tours or outdoor events organized by the theater. High graphic resolution and high brightness allow the screen to be used not only in performances, but also in presentations or displaying textual information in daylight or sun-lit environments.


Photography by S. Batura