A new audio system for a building with a great history – St. Francis Xavier church

Kaunas St. Francis Xavier Church, Town Hall Square 8, Kaunas

The Jesuit Gymnasium church is equipped with a modern sound system – the Omniline mini-line array system of the modern sound technology company Martin Audio is installed inside. It is a technical solution based on the latest technologies and acoustic calculations.

Omniline is a universal mini-modular system for permanent installation. This modular system with a subtle design makes it possible to sound both small and large spaces. This is possible by changing the number of system modules – for small spaces at least 4 units are required, for large spaces – a maximum of 32 units. Omniline system modules.

The miniature modular acoustic system Omniline consists of acoustic modules that are mounted in a common, vertically formed array hung at a single point. Each module emits sound 100 degrees in the horizontal plane and 5 degrees in the vertical. The number of modules is determined by the physical parameters of the room, modeling with special software of the manufacturer.

The size of the acoustic system is calculated using software, specifying the parameters of the room (height, width, length), the location of the listeners.

After calculations, it is known:

  • how many modules will be needed;
  • at what angle between the modules to be assembled;
  • at what height we must hang the acoustic system assembled from the modules;
  • at what angle to direct the assembled acoustic system to the listener indicated in the calculations.

Using Omniline software calculations, an acoustic system can be assembled, the scattering characteristics of which will be directly adapted to the individual room. Such an acoustic system emits sound very precisely to the places that were predicted in the calculations. Based on software calculations, it is possible to distribute the sound levels evenly over the desired space and adjust the system so that the sound does not spread to unnecessary spaces or planes that can create unwanted sound reflections. These systems are especially suitable for use in projects where there are conditions for the formation of unwanted echoes: churches, gyms, conference and exhibition halls.

Using Martin Audio Omniline software, we achieved that the sound pressure in the central part of Kaunas Jesuit Church would be the same in all places of visitors. The church integrated 2 Omniline systems of 12 modules each. In the side areas, where the existing architectural columns create a “shadow” of sound, AMC acoustic systems were used for near-field sound. The highest quality ClockAudio directional condenser microphones with a flexible neck are used to produce a transparent, natural voice signal.

A fully automated sound system is installed for sound amplification and switching. We use BIAMP digital signal processor in the system. In this “heart” of programming, we implement many of the parameters required for high-quality voice reproduction.

All functional and technical possibilities of the control of this system allow to operate the sound system without the intervention of additional personnel. The settings of the harmonized system can only be changed with the digital signal processor unlock code. This is very important because many sound systems, even those with good components, work poorly when their settings can be changed by unqualified personnel.