Synergy of education and technology in ISM university

ISM University of Management and Economics, Arklių str. 18, Vilnius and E.Ožeškienės st. 18, Kaunas

The auditoriums of ISM University are equipped with the most modern unified audio, video and automated control system of the educational institution in the Baltic States.

The basis of the system is Crestron software RoomView. The program is specially designed for educational institutions in order to make the management of the system as efficient, economical and simple as possible for the average user.

A total of 33 auditoriums were installed, 26 of them in Vilnius and 9 in Kaunas. All system components in Vilnius and Kaunas branches are connected to a unified network. With the help of RoomView program it is possible to manage connected devices, monitor their technical condition and analyze the collected data. There is also the possibility to receive real-time notifications of system failures in any audience, and the established schedule of audience usage allows not only to save electricity and human resources, but also to extend the service life of presentation equipment.

Each auditorium booth features a built-in Crestron control keyboard with integrated processor. The keyboard buttons are programmed separately according to the scenarios selected for the lectures – computer is turned on, sound is controlled, projectors, screens, light control, etc.

Depending on the size and purpose of the audience, high-quality NEC projectors with an integrated Crestron RoomView Connected function were selected. This feature allows you to communicate directly with Crestron Roomview via a LAN cable.

The Kramer digital scaler is used to control the video system, which combines and converts all the necessary video signals. To connect a laptop, media player or other mobile device to the stand or desk, there is a Kramer connection box with the necessary cables.

Typical auditoriums are equipped with an audio system consisting of AMC ceiling speakers, amplifiers, and mixer conference consoles with an integrated interface to connect the latter to the Crestron controller. Microphones, players and other audio sources are connected to the mixing conference console.

The large auditoriums of Vilnius and Kaunas are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems. The basis of the system is the modular acoustic system RCF, which consists of as many as 20 integrated Class D 50W power amplifiers, audio signal processing processors DSP for each of the vertically arranged speakers. These peculiarities of the system allowed to adjust the direction of sound propagation according to the architectural layout of the auditorium, acoustic parameters and to achieve a very high level of speech intelligibility. High-quality sound is enhanced by Martin Audio subwoofers built into the ceiling.

The sound components of these audiences – microphones, players, amplifiers, speakers – are integrated into a common system and are controlled by BIAMP processors. Da Vinci software is used to control processors, change parameters and analyze data. Large auditoriums are equipped with acoustic partitions and with their help the space can be divided into several smaller enclosed halls. In this way, the Biamp processor parameters are selected according to the acoustic characteristics of each audience and can be programmed in several operating modes – it can be a large space or several different and autonomous parts of it.

The power supply for the presentation equipment in the auditoriums is also controlled by Crestron equipment. With the help of the controls, each device can be switched on or off at the desired time and remotely, which helps to save significant energy.