Modern changes in Alytus Culture Center

Various events and concerts take place in the big hall of Alytus Culture Center, therefore, in order to satisfy the cultural and self-expression needs of Alytus city residents and attract more performers, it is necessary to have high-quality stage equipment. In 2020, Audiotonas installed the latest technology sound system and updated the artistic lighting system.

In addition, a message system has been installed, which broadcasts messages and background music or the sound of the hall to the common spaces of Alytus Culture Center.

The stage artistic lighting system has been fundamentally updated with the use of luminaires whose light source operation is based on LED technology. This significantly saves on the electricity consumed by the artistic lighting system. Instead of the former Profile, Fresnel and PAR type luminaires with halogen lamps, the same type of luminaires will now be used, only their light source is LEDs.

Optionally installed LED lights for rehearsal lighting. Their purpose is to provide adequate lighting for staff or actors working on stage during rehearsals. Rehearsal lighting is controlled from two places – the light operator’s room and the stage space.