Modern technologies in the teaching process

2016 Two new modern buildings have opened their doors at Vilnius University – the Joint Center for Life Sciences (JGMC) and the National Center for Physical and Technological Sciences (NFTMC). The teams of these centers have formulated tasks for designers and Audiotonas professionals to design and install automated audiovisual systems for auditoriums.

Joint Center for Life Sciences

The basis of the system is Crestron automated control devices in order to make the control of audio, video and lighting systems in the auditoriums as efficient, economical and simple as possible for the users.
JGMC was equipped with a main amphitheater auditorium, two amphitheater auditoriums, 22 auditoriums – large laboratories, 10 smaller auditoriums – meeting rooms. All imaging components of the systems are connected to a unified computer network.
Depending on the size and purpose of the auditorium, professional NEC projectors and monitors were installed.
The video signal switches used for video signal switching are controlled from an automated system that combines and converts signals from video sources of various formats. All classrooms where video projectors are used are equipped with motorized video screens. Convenient specialized AMC TCB1 audio-video cable boxes with the necessary audio-video cables are provided for connecting a laptop, media player or other mobile device to the stand and lecturers’ desks. AMC active acoustic systems are installed for the sound of small audiences.

National Center for Physical and Technological Sciences

The NFTMC building is equipped with a large multifunctional hall with a video projection system on a 5 m wide screen and 22 auditoriums or meeting rooms. The large conference hall is equipped with a modern sound system based on a modular acoustic system of Martin Audio Omni-Line “Line Array” technology. It consists of two eight-module acoustic systems that create perfectly equal sound pressure anywhere in the hall. The technical capabilities of the system allow to very precisely adjust the direction of sound propagation according to the architectural layout of the hall, the acoustic parameters of the room and to achieve a very high level of speech intelligibility, high-quality level of music reproduction. High-quality sound is enhanced by Martin Audio subwoofers hung in front of the hall.
The sound components of the conference hall – microphones, players, amplifiers, speakers – are integrated into a common system and are controlled by the BIAMP processor. Special Da Vinci software from BIAMP is used for process control, parameter modification and data analysis.