Modern sound, vision and lighting systems in Utena cultural center Taurapilis

2015 The Utena Center for Creative Industries “Taurapilis” has opened its doors in Utena, where representatives of creative industries will be able to implement creative ideas, create and develop art-related businesses, and develop the entrepreneurship of creative people. UAB Audiotonas, which has installed the most modern sound, lighting and video systems in the premises of Taurapilio, also contributed to the achievement of these goals.

The equipment in the theater hall of the Center for Creative Industries meets the requirements for large theater halls – modern acoustic systems of the Martin Audio CDD series, which were presented at the Musikmesse 2015 exhibition in Frankfurt, were used for sound. They are manufactured using coaxial wide dispersion technology, which not only spreads the sound in front of the speaker, but also covers the listening area below at a wide angle. The speakers of the acoustic system can be rotated – this allows the system to be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions, depending on the desired coverage angle and the need for room design. The wide range of speaker coverage ensures high-quality and clear sound in every corner of the room.

The possibilities of using the theater hall system are expanded with the Shure DIS discussion system installed in the premises, for discussions of up to 30 participants. The premises are also equipped with a technological communication system that ensures communication between staff performances and events.

The hall uses the Hall Stage lifting system, which allows easy control of the arrangement of curtains, decorations and lighting systems on the stage. In the Taurapilis ballet hall we have installed a special damage-resistant dance floor and sound systems. All rooms are also equipped with ATEIS evacuation equipment with AMC evacuation speakers.