Modern discussion and video conference systems in the meeting room of the Lithuanian Government

Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Gedimino Ave. 11, Vilnius

The Cabinet of Ministers or the Government is one of the main state institutions. The heads of ministries meet regularly for joint meetings to take important decisions. This is the main place where the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers of our country take place.

Audiotonas, together with partners, won a tender for the supply and installation of video conferencing and discussion systems in the Government Chamber. The aim of this project is to install a modern and interconnected discussion and video conferencing system with automatic video camera control function. The aim was for the installed system to operate automatically, with minimal operator intervention.

The partners presented and installed the most advanced video conferencing system at the time, the Polycom HDX-9000, along with three high-definition (HD) cameras, and Audiotonas integrated this video conferencing equipment with a digital discussion system. The hall is equipped with a 79-seat DIS DCS6000 discussion system: 15 state-of-the-art DIS DC 6990 P consoles with touch-sensitive LCD screens and two simultaneous translation channel selectors are installed on the ministers’ table.

With the help of the Crestron control system, the main task of this system was realized – the integrated discussion-video equipment performs automatic control of video cameras. When the meeting participant turns on the microphone, the corresponding video camera is automatically switched and directed to the speaker. The discussion system has a software function that allows you to control (turn on) the microphones by voice, i. just when you start speaking, the meeting participant’s microphone turns on automatically.

Crestron e-Control software was used to control video cameras, discussion systems, sound consoles, video projectors, plasma screens and the Polycom HDX-9000 system. The e-Control management system allows you to control all the above equipment in one window using a standard computer web browser, simply with the help of a computer mouse.

Video, audio and control signals between the hall and the hardware are transmitted via cat5e type cables using English-language Smart-e converters. Biamp Nexia CS sound processor is used for processing, switching and mixing audio signals. Interpreter booths are equipped with DIS IS 6132 P.