Ropes and cables have been replaced with computer controlled devices in the National Kaunas Drama Theatre

Kaunas National Drama Theater, Laisvės al. 71, Kaunas

After a two-year hiatus, the grand stage was opened and put into use. Within two years, the auditorium and stage technology equipment have been completely renovated – new stage upper and lower mechanization equipment, modern artistic lighting and sound systems, video broadcasting equipment and other technological systems have been installed.

Sound system

Equipped with a multi-channel sound system based on Martin Audio speakers and sound amplifiers. The main acoustic systems are two line array-type kits mounted above the stage in the portal section. In the niches of the front wall of the hall, low-frequency acoustic systems and two additional acoustic systems are installed, specially designed for high-quality sounding of the first four rows of spectators.

Auxiliary speakers Martin Audio WT15 are designed to create surround sound in the hall. They are installed on the perimeter of the hall and balcony on the side and rear walls – a total of 14 units. To create sound effects from above, two more halls are installed in the main luminaire.

Seven acoustic systems are used to sound the stage – two mobile acoustic systems WT2 in front of the stage, two acoustic systems F10 on the sides of the stage, two rear F12.

A mobile low-frequency speaker system WS2A is installed on the floor of the stage, and another speaker system for sound effects from the “sky” is installed at the top of the stage.

This whole set provides opportunities to prepare high-quality sound programs for theater productions and concerts. In addition to the concerts, the system includes monitor acoustic systems LE1200 placed on the stage floor to sound the performers.

The transmission of audio signals between the operator’s room and the stage is performed in two ways – by analog bus and digitally, using CobraNET, Ethersound and Dante protocols.

The entire sound system is monitored and processes are controlled using specialized programs AUDIA, daVinci and MA Net installed on the computer.

Lighting system

Several types of floodlights are used in the lighting system:

  • Profile Zoomspot type spotlights with fixed and adjustable angle lenses and accessories;
  • PC, PB (Peble Convence) and Fresnel type floodlights;
  • Flood and Cyclo type floodlights;
  • Multifunctional – effective moving beam spotlights with metal discharge and halogen lamps;
  • Spotlight of the following light (light “cannon”).

Spotlights are installed in groups in various stages of the stage and hall, and some spotlights are unmounted and can be connected to mobile connection boxes on the stage floor, galleries, hall bridge, on the auditorium balcony pipe – depending on the performance or scenography.

The lighting control system consists of the following main parts: two digital light control panels Compulite Vector Green and Vector Blue, Enttec DMX signal distribution devices via computer networks, four Compulite CompuDIM 2000 cabinets, spotlight switchboard.

Video system

The NEC PH1000U high-power HD video projector with two lenses is used for image projection – a wide-angle lens is used to project the image on a 12 x 8 m screen from the back of the hall, and an ultra-high-definition image can be projected for direct projection using an adjustable focal length lens. way from the end of the auditorium. Video signals from a computer or video player are transmitted using Kramer video signal converters to digital form. In this way, a high-quality video signal is transmitted over a long distance to the video projector without loss and image distortion.

Stage mechanization system

During the reconstruction, a modern mechanization system of the Trekwerk stage was installed on the theater stage, which meets the highest European quality and safety requirements –

European Machinery Directive, standards DIN56950 and EN61508 SIL3. The entire mechanization system is controlled by a state-of-the-art computerized control system that complies with the European Safety Standards for Stage Technologies “Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3)”. All equipment is managed by a special dual-architecture computer system with servers that are constantly monitored remotely from Trekwerk’s service center in the Netherlands.

The scenery lifts are extremely quiet and high-speed. The speed of the decoration bars is controlled from zero to 1.8 m / s, the decoration positions and change sequences are pre-programmed with two control panels with an interactive user interface, using touch screens and special manipulators.

The power supply system for Trekwerk lifts is different from the usual – the lifts are powered by a constant voltage of 600 V instead of alternating current. The power system is regenerative, that is, when the scenery descends, the electric motors of the lifts generate a reactive component that is additionally used to power the lifts. Such a system is environmentally friendly and can save up to 40-60% of energy.

A new swivel wheel with a diameter of 11m is installed on the floor of the stage. The wheel consists of an inner ring with a diameter of 8m in the middle and an outer ring with a diameter of 8 / 11m. The inner wheel and ring can rotate at different speeds and in different directions by programming the operation from the main control panel of all stage mechanisms. In front of the stage, there are three independently moving orchestra pit platforms, each measuring 3 × 3 m, and an additional mechanized barrier separating the auditorium from the orchestra pit. The orchestra’s platforms and barrier provide the opportunity to form a variety of stage configurations.

Other systems

An alarm system is installed throughout the building.

The sound broadcasting system was upgraded by installing information system speakers in the refurbished actors ’gym and other auxiliary staff rooms. The system of official communication – two – way communication between technical staff has also been updated.