LED screen in the Kaunas Entertainment and Leisure Center “Oazė”

Audiotonas installed a large-format LED video screen in Kaunas entertainment and leisure center “Oazė” for the purposes of live events and filming TV shows. The size of the screen is an impressive 7.0 m x 3.5 m (total area 24.5 m²), with the resolution of 2352×1176 pixels.

The LED screen is mobile and can be moved on a suspended aluminum structure. With rear service option. The size of one display module is 500mm x 500mm. The flexible construction allows to shape LED screen in the desired configuration and form, using 98 modules, suitable for frequent screen dismantling and assembly.

The TV3 television show “Kviečiame daktarą”, which is filmed in Oazie, uses this LED screen for the visuals shown in the show.