Swimming pool in Vilnius

Vilnius Lazdynai swimming pool opened its doors to visitors at the beginning of the year. 4 identical 3.5 m x 2.0 m LED screens are installed in the pool areas, which perform the function of information boards. The screens have a relatively high P4.8 Pixel Pitch (the distance between the image pixels), but the intended distance to the audience does not require a high resolution, and larger pixels allow the screen to reach an impressive brightness of 5000 cd/m² and be clearly visible.

All four LED displays are front serviced, that means access to the electronics of the modules is from the front side of the screen – this allowed us to choose a simpler and more flush screen mounting method. Aluminum construction frames were specially designed and manufactured for stationary installation on the wall.

The protection level of the housing of the front and back of the LED display modules is IP67, which is a high degree of protection against moisture that occurs in swimming pool rooms.