Council meeting hall in Lazdijai

Modernization of the hall

Audiotonas team fundamentally updated the audiovisual systems used in the council meeting hall in Lazdijai. In the main meeting hall we installed a new electronic discussion and voting system by the manufacturer Televic, which not only simplifies the work for council members, but also provides the opportunity to broadcast ongoing meetings and votes online in a much more interactive way.

Modern equipment in each workplace

We installed 26 workplaces with system modules with voting functionality and 14 workplaces for discussions without voting functionality – these will be used for city guests and other important meeting participants. For voting funcions we used Confidea Flex consoles. Before starting work, the participants of the meeting “identify” themselves using RFID cards, and during the voting the discussed questions and voting options are displayed on the device’s bright touch-enabled OLED screen. Voting results are graphically presented on video screens in the hall, as well as in remote broadcasts.


Automated video and audio systems

In order to archive and broadcast the meetings on the Internet, we installed high-resolution automatically controlled cameras from the manufacturer AVer, which optically zoom the image up to x30 times without losing image quality. The latest generation control processor Crestron RMC4 and Bluestream video signal matrices were used for the control of video streams and cameras. Thanks to the processor, cameras automatically zoom in on speaking participants during meetings, voting results are shown and it also perform other video signal processing functions.

In the hall, compact Martin Audio CDD6 series acoustic systems were chosen for local sound reinforcement, which ensure even coverage of the sound pressure in the meeting hall. The Biamp TesiraFORTE CI solution is installed to direct and process audio signals, which expands the system’s capabilities to be used for remote video communication, ensuring high-quality sound both in the hall and for remote viewers.


Attention to system security

In the council hall of the Lazdijai district municipality, all equipment installed by Audiotonas meets the Lithuania’s requirements of the National Security, which require that none of the installed equipment is linked to unfriendly countries. Remote work and voting equipment uses encrypted digital data and significantly reduces the possibility of disrupting the work of the system by third parties with malicious intents.