Conference hall modernisation

Audiotonas installed modern audiovisual systems at the headquarters of Kaunas Industrial Company and automated control of these systems in the conference hall.

The conference hall is equipped with a close-focus projector NEC UM330Wi with an interactive module NP03Wi, which includes two electronic pens that turn the manufacturer’s Projecta projection screen-board into a two-meter-wide touch screen. Users can display the content of the presentation by connecting their brought device with wires and audio-visual interfaces installed on the table. Users can also take advantage of a state-of-the-art video transmission solution: the Crestron AirMedia gives users the freedom to present presentations from mobile devices without any wires. All the user has to do is follow the instructions on the screen and he can already display the contents of his smartphone or tablet on the big screen. All video switching and signal conversion is performed by the Kramer VP-770 video processor. The digital video signal reaches the projector with a twisted pair cable, eliminating the possibility of interference in the sensitive HDMI signal while maintaining maximum picture quality.

In addition, a professional NEC 46 ”diagonal video monitor for video conferencing is installed in a specially designed recess in the wall. A high-resolution Logitech video camera is mounted on the top of the monitor, enabling video conferencing with free video conferencing software. Desktop computer control is possible with Gyration wireless keyboard and air-operated wireless mouse. In order to deliver high-quality sound from the hall, Audiotonas has installed Clock Audio microphones that can be lowered from the ceiling of the hall, which are almost imperceptible – the color is matched to the color of the ceiling, and also gives the impression of a high-class conference room. The microphones are switched through the JTS manufacturer’s automatic microphone mixer, which allows you to eliminate unwanted noise by leaving only one of the two microphones on at a time. Sound reproduction is entrusted to the AMC PC6’s recessed speakers, which perfectly fill the listener’s space and ensure clear and high-quality sound reproduction.

From a technical point of view, the system is quite complex and would be difficult for the average user to use if Audiotonas did not use Crestron’s automated control equipment to help, which greatly simplifies the use of complex system complexes for ordinary users. On the wall, in a place that is visible and easily accessible to everyone, at eye level, Audiotonas has installed a control panel-processor with ten freely programmable buttons and a volume control. Each button has an activity indicator and illuminated names, which provides the user with sufficient information about the selected operating modes or functions. To increase the convenience of equipment management, Audiotonas has introduced an additional option to control equipment on an Apple iPad tablet. The user can control the entire system with an intuitive user interface without any wires. All the user has to do is press one button and the whole system is ready for use: the desktop computer, microphone mixer, video processor, audio amplifier, video projector are switched on and the required video input is automatically switched. The system is also finished at the touch of a button – all equipment is switched off automatically.

In the reception area, Audiotonas installed a video wall from four NEC X464UNV FHD resolution monitors mounted in a specially designed wall niche. The monitors are mounted vertically (portrait), the image is formed without any additional devices – the monitors have an integrated video wall option.

The implemented system is a great investment of the company in productive and high-quality work of employees when there is a need to make presentations, conduct training or participate in video conferences.