Jonava Stadium gets high-quality audio and video solutions

In 2020, the main stadium of Jonava was renovated. The renovated stadium has the capacity of 2000 seats for spectators, half of them under the roof. There are also changing rooms for teams, judges, doping control room, spaces for journalists, VIP lodges. The stadium meets the minimum requirements to host official international football competitions and events of the Lithuanian Football Federation.

At Jonava Stadium, Audiotonas installed a LED screen-display and a sound system for tribunes and the field itself. In the modern 5x3m LED screen, spectators will be able to watch the result of the match, time and other types of video material. The screen is adapted to outdoor conditions with both the required IP security class and the required screen brightness to view video information effortlessly on a sunny day. The distribution of video signals is implemented using optical technologies.

The sound system of the tribunes and field is based on the Community (BIAMP) acoustic systems, RCF and AMC sound amplifiers and processing equipment. In the tribunes and on the field, the sound is tuned with the help of a sound processor, using SMAART software – equalized frequency response, delay parameters of individual lines of acoustic systems, safe maximum sound pressure – a great result is achieved, which will allow players and fans to enjoy the best sound outdoors.