Sound and video-conferencing systems in the renovated Kaunas Sports Hall

The Kaunas sports hall, located next to the newly opened Darius and Girėnas stadium, has received a comprehensive renovation, which in terms of its technical solutions is in no way inferior to other sports facilities that have appeared in Kaunas in recent years.

The main event space is filled with 36 speaker modules of the Italian manufacturer RCF, which are grouped into 6 linear speaker arrays and are evenly distributed in the space. This made it possible to increase the intelligibility of the speech, as unwanted sound reflections that come from the walls, ceiling or floor of the room are reduced. The sound operator will work with an in-house system containing digital sound console, a 6-channel digital radio microphone system with high resistantsy to radio interferences. In addition, 2 ambient sound microphones are installed in the hall, the purpose of which is to amplify the general sound background of the hall for broadcasts.

The second floor of the sports hall building houses 6 multi-purpose VIP spaces with conference and audiovisual equipment. Each room has a video projector with a motorized screen, a sound system by Martin Audio. System controls for each of these spaces is centralized, with local parameters adjustable via wall-mounted controllers by Crestron.

The Kaunas sports hall building, like other buildings that gather a lot of people, is subject to extremely strict fire safety requirements. Audiotonas specialists have designed and installed a voice fire warning system that works separately from the events PA sound system. 186 units of EN54-24 compliant loudspeakers placed in all areas of the building from the garage to the toilets ensure that in case of visitor evacuation, voice messages with instructions to leave the building are clearly heard.