Kamida Group office in Kaune

The office of the KAMIDA GROUP group of companies is located in the logistics and business center Westhub, near the western bypass of Kaunas. This A++ energy class building complex is distinguished by sustainability-enhancing technologies and modern solutions for HVAC and other engineering systems. Audiotonas specialists were called in to design and install systems for background sound, information screens and remote meetings.

The background sound system in the 4-storey office uses PoE speakers from Bluesound. These speakers work on the basis of a LAN PoE or WiFi network, they do not need external amplifiers or media players – all functions are performed by the speaker itself, and the sound is controlled via a computer or smart device. The system allows  grouping the speaker network into separate sound zones in various ways, and digital signal transmission ensures higher sound quality than conventional building sound systems.

The office is also equipped with a network of LG information screens, which is used to present relevant information to employees, a hall for driver training with a laser video projector, Martin Audio CDD series speakers, and a wireless presentation system.

Wireless technologies have also been applied in the huddle rooms and the main meeting room – wireless conference solutions from the manufacturer Barco have been installed here, allowing any device to be quickly connected to the room audio and video systems. The Biamp Devio conference sound system is installed in the conference room, which actively follows the speakers’ voices and can distinguish them from the noisy environment. In the same way, the participants of a remote meeting are recorded by a moving high-definition video camera that can turn its view to the person speaking.