Sound and lighting equipment at Kamajai St. Casimir Church

Kamai St. Casimir Church was built in 1908, standing in the town of Kamajai. Audiotonas team was tasked with installing a new church sound and altar lighting system that would be simple to operate and improve and unify the sound throughout the church space.

In the altar and pulpit, we installed sensitive, supercardioid polar pickup pattern condenser microphones JTS GM5218T with an on/off switch. The characteristics of the microphone make it possible to maximally avoid extraneous background noises and amplify only the voice of the person speaking into the microphone. In addition, we provided free-standing choral and wireless hand-held Shure SLXD24/B54 microphones (digital transmission of the wireless microphone signal will avoid interference from mobile phones), which allows the sound system in the church to be used in various configurations, providing more universal application possibilities.

In the church space, we installed 16 units of AMC COM SLIM 30 column-type acoustic systems. These acoustic systems have a minimalist design, their appearance does not disturb the architectural unity of the space, and the sound properties and the number of acoustic systems deliver clear sound without using high power. The AMC iAC 240 sound amplifier and AMC OCTO sound processor were used to process the sound system, which controls all microphones and also equalizes frequency characteristics of the sound, adapting it to the natural acoustics of the space. The purpose of a church sound system is not to create as much sound pressure as possible, but to make the sound (especially voices) more intelligible and clear, and sound should be equally well distributed throughout the space, avoiding echoes, reverberations, sound delays and other problems found in large spaces.

We also installed a lighting system for the altar and stained glass windows in the church. The altar uses bright, but energy-efficient architectural LED lights that can illuminate in a variety of colors. Single-color warm white LED luminaires are used for stained glass windows. A small controller desk is provided for convenient control of the lights, in which a pre-programmed combinations of light colors can be selected with a few clicks.