How do people hear in Lithuanian churches?

Acoustically, the interior of churches is a complex structure with many spherical and flat surfaces that reflect sound in various directions. Therefore, when designing a sound system for a church, it is necessary to take into account the sound reflections caused by complex architectural forms. The expression of the speech (intelligibility of the text) depends on the amount of voice reflections to be amplified.

When designing and installing church sound systems, we properly and carefully select all the necessary components:

  • wired microphones,
  • wireless microphones
  • acoustic systems,
  • sound amplification and processing equipment.


Wired microphones are divided into two types:

  • Dynamic microphones,
  • Condenser microphones.

If the microphone is held in the hand and it is likely that the microphone will be spoken at a short distance of 5-15 cm, it is optimal to use a dynamic microphone. If the microphone is intended for speech and will be spoken no closer than 25 cm from the microphone, a special directional condenser microphone should be used. If the microphone is for a choir, we recommend using a widescreen condenser microphone.

The use of a wireless microphone allows the speaker to “not be tied” to a specific place – it is possible to move and walk during the ceremony.

Sound amplification system

Choosing an acoustic system is one of the most responsible tasks of a church sound system.

The following sounding techniques should be used to correctly address the problem of voice amplification and reflections:

  • emit an audible signal from a single point;
  • place as many subwoofers as possible in the listening areas.

In order to solve the problem of voice amplification and reflections well, additional measures to reduce acoustic reflections should be used:

  • mechanical – coating hard surfaces with sound-absorbing material;
  • electronic – by creating a pre-phase sound signal that eliminates sound reflections in the listening position in space.

We most often use both ways of sounding in the church: to emit an amplified voice from one point, and in acoustic shadows, in listening places, to place as many low-power speakers as possible.

Completed projects using the following sound method:

  • Church of the Resurrection, Kaunas,
  • Pažaislis Monastery, Kaunas,
  • Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Šiauliai
  • St. Francis Xavier (Jesuit) Church, Kaunas

For outdoor sound, we can offer wide-range horn systems or acoustic systems for outdoor use.

Sound amplification and processing equipment

We have the ability to install a fully automated sound system that does not require human intervention. The “heart” of this sound system is the digital sound matrix. In this “heart” of programming, we implement the following features:

  • automatic microphone volume level adjustment;
  • determination of frequency characteristics;
  • many other parameters required for high-quality reproduction of the speaking voice.

In simpler systems, we use amplifiers – mixers, single-channel or multi-channel amplifiers.

Taking advantage of our company’s many years of experience in this field, you have the opportunity to install a reliable, high-quality sound system that meets your needs.