Fascinating stage technologies in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

Lithuanian National Drama Theater, Gedimino Ave. 4, Vilnius

In the 69th season, the Lithuanian National Drama Theater started its work on the already reconstructed big stage. Old decoration-lifting mechanisms, soffits, and other stage lighting fixtures were replaced. The reconstruction was carried out in collaboration with the Austrian company Waagner-Biro, which produced ultra-modern stage decoration mechanisms.

The following stage technology works were performed:

  • install 32 pcs. new decoration lifts with programmable variable speed control from 0 to 1.5 m / s and lifting capacity up to 500 kg;
  • install 4 pcs. new searchlight bridges with electric hoists with a lifting capacity of up to 1800 kg;
  • reconstructed portal bridge;
  • equipped with a computerized machinery control system in accordance with the requirements of the safety standards DIN 56950: 2005 for stage machinery and control systems EN 61508:2000 SIL3;

A modern Waagner Biro CAT management system has been installed. The main control panel is mobile, with two interactive touch-sensitive color screens and programmable joystick-type controls. The auxiliary control panel is used as a backup, or as an auxiliary control mechanism for two operators by distributing functions.

During the reconstruction, the galleries were renovated, the stage sprinkler system, power supply, fire and security systems were renovated.

The new stage was equipped with a new Martin Audio modern multi-channel sound system, Yamaha digital audio console, a modern digital audio signal interface between the hardware room and the stage, new audio operator workstations – a specialized computer, audio playback devices and other accessories.

Part of the stage portal and the stage are equipped with acoustic systems of the Martin Audio WT (Wavefront Series) series specially designed for theater projects, the technical properties of which best meet the specific requirements of the theater. High efficiency, sound pressure, even sound distribution and compact design, excellent sound quality and other features have for many years ensured the highest requirements of sound professionals in theaters, concert halls and other various projects around the world.

The audio device is equipped with a new digital sound director console Yamaha M7CL with rich technical features. With the help of the console, various sound preset programs, sound effects and more can be prepared and stored in the memory. The console is easy to use, the Centralogic user interface is simple and intuitive.

In 2008, new Robert Juliat Fresnel, PC and Profile type floodlights were installed.

In 2010, Clay Paky’s light projectors with programmable functions and variable beam direction were installed on the stage, specially designed for theaters and television studios.

The sound broadcasting system was upgraded by installing information system speakers in the refurbished actors ’gym and other auxiliary staff rooms. The system of official communication – two – way communication between technical staff has also been updated.