Advanced sound systems in Juozas Miltinis drama theater in Panevėžys

We install the latest sound technologies in Lithuanian theaters – in 2020, we introduced the intelligent sound system to the Great Hall of the Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater in Panevėžys.

We used innovative acoustic systems from Martin Audio. The main front-end sound system is implemented with Line-Array acoustic systems – WPM. This series of linear array modules is special in that it is extremely small in size, but the achievable sound pressure is suitable for concert halls.

The main sound system plays one of the most important roles – this system must convey all the needs from sound director, and to ensure excellent intelligibility throughout the auditorium. To ensure the comfort of the spectators, the sound pressure and frequency response must be as even as possible both in front and rear rows of the hall, but it is also important to have a wide dynamic range. The result was excellent – we measured the sound pressure values ​​and frequency characteristics at various points in the auditorium – the average sound pressure varies in the range of only 6 decibels (+/- 3 dB). At all measured points, the frequency characteristics even maintain the same curve over the entire range of reproducible frequencies – thanks to the perfectly modeled sound scattering direction and special filter processing algorithms, phase distortions due to the acoustic properties of the hall are minimal.

For low frequency sound reproduction, we used 6 units of SX118 acoustic modules from Martin Audio. Modules are hung next to a linear array of acoustic systems. Because we always strive for the highest technological level, we did not limit ourselves to simple solutions: we formed an array of low frequencies so that it became possible to extract a directional and concentrated low frequency wave, directed only to the part of the auditorium and not to the rear wall and stage. With this solution in the part of the stage we achieved -20 dB attenuation in the low frequency range compared to the auditorium space. Not only does this give more comfort for actors and performers, but it also makes it easier for the sound director to work – the microphones on stage will have a wider usable range of dynamics.

Because it is a theater hall, with the help of certain stage microphones, it is possible to “move” the action taking place on stage to a part of the auditorium. For this we used surround sound, asymmetric directional acoustic systems – Martin Audio CDD series. We have installed 8 units of speakers throughout the perimeter of the hall – each speaker can be controlled individually from the sound mixer Yamaha QL1 in the control room. The CDD series acoustic systems and the new generation of stage sound monitors – XE300 were used for stage sound monitoring.

All acoustic systems are controlled by intelligent amplifiers – 7 units of four-channel iK42 amplifiers. Each of them can create an impressive power of up to 20 kW. These amplifiers are equipped with special sound processors that allow adjusting directionality of the main linear array acoustic system without physically changing the tilt angles of the modules. This is one of the biggest advantages of this type of acoustic system, as it is possible to form a fibrous acoustic wave that propagates only where needed.

For the entire distribution and transmission of signals, we exclusively used digital format – dual Dante protocol network. The sound desk can be used both in the control room and within auditorium, it only takes to connect 2 wires and the sound engineer can be in full control of all remote inputs and outputs from multiple workstations without any additional configuration or cable switching. We installed Yamaha RIO 1608-D2 stage units for remote inputs and outputs. The wireless microphone system also works on the Dante network – Shure ULXD series ten-channel radio system. The entire sound system is additionally controllable with a tablet computer, throughout the hall and operating room. All audio signals can also be routed to other areas of the theater building.