Installation of multipurpose event hall in King Mindaugas teaching center

UAB Audiotonas completed renovation project for King Mindaugas Teaching Center (Karaliaus Mindaugo profesinio mokymo centras) main event hall. Our engineers offered technologically advanced sound and lighting equipment and solutions using products from world-renowned manufacturers.

The rational use of space and aesthetic appearance were taken into account when choosing the sound system. Unable to install subwoofers, a narrow-angle, compact RCF speaker system capable of reproducing frequencies up from 45 Hz was selected. Such solution ensures a high level of language comprehension during conferences and does not limit the possibility of musical performances.

The lighting system in the hall consists of static MJL LED spotlights to create the atmosphere, white light spotlights to enhance faces and moving Clay Paky Wash type spotlights to bring some lights movement. The Chamsys Q-Series lighting control system is intuitive and easy to operate. Pre-set scenes have been programmed for various types of events, which will allow to control the lighting without having specific knowledge.

The video system consists of a laser projector and a 4-meter wide motorized screen with the possibility to project the image from the rear, thus avoiding possibility of shadows. A dedicated video matrix allow content to be streamed from the podium, scene, or operator location at the end of the stage without additional wiring.

All audio and lighting equipment is unified and automated. The grandstand is equipped with a stationary microphone and a Crestron system control panel. This solution allows controlling hall systems directly from the podium and does not require additional staff during the event. Hall automation includes not only the activation of microphones, but also the control of the projector, screen, sound, window blinds, hall lights, LED strips. And the dedicated Biamp Tesira sound processor will automatically adjust the sensitivity of the microphones and “cut out” extraneous noise.