Sound information system at shopping and leisure centre MEGA

Shopping and leisure center MEGA, Islandijos pl. 32, Kaunas

In Kaunas, Vytėnai, at the intersection of the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway and the Via Baltica highway, there is a 72,000 m2 shopping and leisure center MEGA. In developing this project, Lithuanian and German supermarket developers joined forces with Chapman Taylor, one of the most famous European supermarket architects. The building materials and household goods store “Senukai”, “RIMI” shopping center, 5-hall cinema center, bowling and billiard club, children’s entertainment club, laser space, more than 100 shops and service points connecting the shopping alley in the center are located here. attracts a marine aquarium.

Audioton has installed a 14-zone fire alarm and evacuation control and background music and message broadcasting system in the MEGA shopping and leisure center.

The MEGA shopping center consists of three buildings, each of which has different acoustic solutions for the sound system. This facility can be visited by up to several thousand visitors at a time, making the fire alarm and evacuation management system one of the most important engineering systems.

A decision was made during the evacuation to direct the flow of people with voice messages away from the fire. For this purpose, a sound system using Baldwin Boxall, Biamp and InterM active equipment was designed and installed. The basis of the Baldwin Boxall system is a programmable control processor, in which all possible visitor evacuation scenarios are programmed. The relevant evacuation scenario is performed automatically and provides for the coordinated management of all building systems (escalators, smoke ventilation, ventilation and air conditioning, remote door control, power supply) that affect the safety of people. The sound system shall be activated automatically or by manual control in the event of the activation of other engineering systems which have detected a fire or other potential hazard to visitors.

Different message transmission sequences have been programmed to announce the evacuation, depending on the location of the fire. The implementation of each evacuation option provides for the coordinated management of all building systems (escalators, smoke ventilation, ventilation and air conditioning, remote door control, power supply) that affect the safety of people.

Baldwin Boxall active equipment – the highest reliability device – is certified and meets the requirements of the standard LST EN60849 “Audible alarm system”:

  • Constantly checks the condition of all components of the sound system from the microphone capsule to the speaker;
  • Any system failure shall be detected no later than 100 seconds after the failure;
  • In the event of any amplifier failure, the backup amplifier is automatically turned on;
  • When the 230V supply voltage is lost, the backup power supply is automatically switched on, which can supply power for 24 hours in standby mode, work for 30 minutes at full power in evacuation mode;

The system control panel on the speaker lines automatically checks, records and, if necessary, signals to the service personnel about deviations from the following parameters:

  • Earthing,
  • Line impedance (active resistance),
  • Transhipment,
  • Short circuit or line termination.

Information about all failures of system elements with the exact time of their occurrence is stored in the internal memory of the control panel, so in case of any failure, the causes of the failure and the culprits can be identified.

The speakers for each space were selected according to its purpose, volume planning, interior and design features.

RIMI supermarket is equipped with SoundSphere Q8 spherical speakers with a maximum sound pressure of 114 dB! The advantage of these systems over other types of acoustic systems is the reproduction of a wide frequency range of 55Hz to 17 kHz using the original technical solution – by placing the subwoofer in a spherical volumetric housing with high-frequency diffuser radiating an even wave in the sound area. The layout and quantity of acoustic systems are calculated according to the assigned quality parameters of the sound area by a specialized program of the manufacturer.

Acoustic systems Martin Audio C115T and AMC PC8 are installed in the alleys of the shopping center.

The C115T proved to be the most suitable solution in MEGA alleys due to its original design, wide and evenly reproducible frequency band.

In the central square, high-powered acoustic systems Martin Audio AQ5- wooden body acoustic systems with a very wide 120-degree horizontal beam angle were used. This helped to make the circular square sound quality using only 8 units of such systems.

The store “SENUKAI” sounded 24 pcs. groups of acoustic systems installed in 6 pcs. AMC VIVA3-302 into a bunch of speakers. The total number of AMC VIVA3-302 speakers is 144 units.

In this part of the project, a compromise was sought for the best value for money.

Loudspeakers AMC HQ15 are installed for evacuation in the offices and tenants’ premises. Tenants are equipped with local background music broadcasting systems, which in case of evacuation are used as additional equipment of the voice evacuation system and are installed according to the requirements for this type of systems prepared by our specialists.

Rarely where the solution is visible in Lithuania – the parking lot of the shopping center is sounded. The AMC MSH-60 broadband horn speakers were perfect for that. This solution has paid off – a pleasant musical background accepts and accompanies every visitor of PLC MEGA. Microphones with system control and zone selection keyboards are installed in security posts, and microphones with zone selection keyboards are installed in information centers. This gives staff the opportunity to address visitors promptly by voice message when the need arises.

PLC MEGA sound system has become an integral part of the center, helping to ensure the safety of visitors, creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout the visit to the center.