Wise audiovisual solutions in the majestic Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

National Museum Palace of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Katedros a. 4, Vilnius

The Grand Renaissance Art Palace was equipped with a unique acoustic system, which is currently the most modern in the Baltic States. This hall often hosts cultural events and chamber concerts, so it is imperative to ensure high quality sound reproduction. In order to find the best sound solution, the steerable line array of the ATEÏS company was chosen.

The Great Renaissance Art is unique and complex not only architecturally but also acoustically, so special sound reproduction equipment was chosen. The basis of the system is the latest product Messenger G2 from ATEÏS. This speaker system has integrated ambient noise sensors, digital Class D audio amplifiers and consists of vertically arranged directional directional speakers. The software-controlled direction of sound propagation allows you to change the position of the acoustic center and ensure excellent audibility in every part of the hall.

The arena uses a prefabricated movable stage, the location of which may vary depending on the scenario of the event, so the number of spectators and their seating position may change. Steerable line array acoustic systems “adapt” to changes in the acoustics of the hall and ensure high-quality sound coverage throughout the room.

A BIAMP processor is selected for audio processing, to which microphones and media players are connected. Da Vinci software is used to control processor operation, change parameters, and analyze data.

A high quality NEC projector is used to display the video. The prefabricated 5-meter-wide screen can be erected according to the event scenario. In the center of the hall, a ceiling-mounted high-quality (HD) video camera VADDIO is installed on the ceiling, which is designed to film the ongoing event and display it directly on the screen.

All video and audio equipment is conveniently controlled by the Crestron controller. Crestron software is installed on the tablet, which can be used to turn the projector on or off, control the camcorder, create movie scripts, adjust the volume of speakers and microphones.