A big challenge to solve sound problems in Kaunas Christ’s Resurrection Church

Kaunas Church of the Resurrection of Christ, Aukštaičių street 4, Kaunas

The results of a 2004 study of church acoustics showed that acoustics in a spacious minimalist interior are problematic. High tones mute in a large space after 6 seconds, low tones after only 13 seconds. Such propagation of sound turned the reproduction of any musical or speaking voice into an incomprehensible “cacophony” of sounds.

In order to better absorb sound and prevent or at least minimize echoes in various parts of the building, special sound traps were installed to improve the acoustics of the room, and architectural accents of various shapes became the basis for good acoustics in the church space. After the reconstruction in the Church of the Resurrection, the low-pitched sound is muted after 1.6 seconds – the human ear practically does not hear the resonance, the language becomes understandable, because the echo that “reigned” in space was practically eliminated.

As the architectural means alone were not enough for the desired goal – to turn this building not only into a sanctuary for believers, but also for art lovers, Kaunas Church of the Resurrection of Christ is equipped with a sound amplification system, the main component of which is Martin Audio line array. Acoustic simulation software was used to design the sound system to ensure quality sound coverage throughout the church.

At the end of the project, it was found that moving away from the altar at a distance of 10 to 45 meters along the church, the clarity and volume of the voice remained the same. In the church, sound reaches the audience without distortion and acoustic reflections. Additional low-power Martin Audio AQ6 and RCF speakers have been used to improve acoustic clarity and audibility in areas where “acoustic shadows” occur (between the columns and on the sides).