„DC Valley“ high-end AV solutions

Located in Žvėrynas district in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, Danske Campus (DC) and its building called DC Valley can be proud of the high-end audiovisual technologies installed in Atrium space and both Conference halls.

Atrium space and both conference halls can be interconnected – it is possible to have various types of conferences and events, using all three spaces as one or separately, in any scenario. In the Atrium space, the total number of participants can be expanded by watching the action from all five „balconies“ – a large-format LED screen is visible from all floors and the audio is broadcasted across all floors. For videoconferencing, we installed Cisco systems using additional smart microphone arrays from Shure and Biamp.

The cornerstone of the Atrium video system is Samsung LED display: 5 meters by 3 meters in dimensions, ultra-small pixel pitch technology device. As the DC Valley building is an example of exceptional architecture, the aesthetic appearance of the LED screen and sound system was also a crucial aspect. Therefore, together with our partners we designed and installed an aesthetic screen cover which creates the effect of a „big TV“.

On both sides of LED screen behind the special acoustically transmissive fabric, the high-end Renkus-Heinz ICONYX series acoustic systems are installed which allow to have ideal frequency response, extremely uniform sound pressure and the highest possible speech intelligibility index throughout the Atrium – thanks to Beam Steering technology. A high speech intelligibility index (STI) was easy to achieve using such high-end acoustic systems, given that the Atrium is a very challenging space in terms of acoustics.

The entire audio and video signal distribution is done by using a cloud-based virtual matrix – and all signals are exclusively in digital format. The cloud-based matrix allows users to have an unlimited number of inputs and outputs and unlimited switching capabilities without any loss of video and audio quality without any perceptible latency. For this, we used Crestron NVX solution along with Dante audio. The system is very user-friendly – we have designed a customized graphical user interface (GUI) which is used via stationary and mobile Crestron control panels which allows simple and intuitive control of this extremely complex and high-tech system.