Darius & Girėnas Stadium in Kaunas

The newly opened Darius and Girėnas Stadium is a source of admiration not only for the people of Kaunas, but also for all the guests of the city, who already had the opportunity to see with their own eyes the first football infrastructure building in Lithuania that meets the requirements of the 4th UEFA category. The building is impressive in size – under the roofed tribunes it can accommodate 15,000 spectators, and during concerts the stadium can accommodate up to 30,000 spectators – from now on it is the largest closed concert space in Lithuania, able to host even the most demanding music shows.

Audiotonas subcontracted this project, our experienced professionals designed and installed the impressive sound, evacuation warning sound systems, as well as the stadium’s flag rising mechanisms and large size LED video screens.


Sound system

The main sound system of the Darius and Girėnas stadium is designed to maintain the highest reliability of the PA system – all audio signals between the main audio signal processor and the amplifiers are digital. Dante and AVB digital signal protocols are used, the use of which ensures simple integration of the in-house sound system during concerts or other large events. PA system of the Darius and Girėnas stadium can be used for the main or auxiliary sound for most events.

The stadium has 5 server rooms with sound amplifiers, located at equal distances. These technical rooms are connected by a quadruple optical fiber ring of digital audio links. It ensures systems stability – if any of the links breaks down, the system would function without any audible interruption.

The specifics and acoustic properties of the stadium require a lot of sound processing resources, so the resource-capable Biamp Tesira Server IO digital signal processor was chosen for signal processing. In a stadium-type space it is very important that the interacting sound waves of individual acoustic systems reach the listener simultaneously, thus improving overall speech intelligibility – STI (Speech Transmission Index). Audiotonas engineers have programmed two different delay line scenarios that can be changed by the sound system operator at the touch of a button.

To facilitate the work of the sound operator, RCF AYRA sound monitors and Allen & Heath SQ5 digital sound console are provided. A reliable eight-channel microphone system is included for sounding sports events. SHURE ULX-D digital wireless microphone system designed for operation in large spaces and equipped with protection against radio interference, as well as 6 pcs. of wired Shure microphones, music player. It will be extremely easy for the sound operator to control the main public address system, as we have created a special graphic interface that displays the layout of the stands in the stadium – the operator will be able to control individual areas of the stands, mute or turn off certain stadium sectors.

The same graphical interface will also control stadium sound amplifiers – without the need for any additional software. 20 units of the latest model Yamaha PC412-DI sound amplifiers reach an impressive total power of 96 kW. 32 sets of acoustic systems RCF P 5228-L of 4 modules each are installed for sounding the stands – these systems are installed evenly along the entire perimeter of the stadium. RCF P 1108-T acoustic systems of additional 78 delayed sound lines are intended for the lower ring of stands. 4 units of extremely high sound pressure acoustic systems – RCF HL series are provided for sounding the playing field.

The frequency characteristics of all acoustic systems were measured under real conditions, using specialized measuring microphones and software. The characteristics have been adjusted to eliminate unwanted resonant frequencies due to the stadium’s acoustic environment. This allowed not only to obtain the best possible sound quality, but also the same tonal balance between different models of acoustic systems. We measured the sound pressures on the pitch, in the stands – in the upper and lower rings, we provided sound pressure protections so that the required sound levels would not be exceeded and the listeners would not have negative consequences due to excessive sound pressure during the events. The sound system of the Darius and Girėnas Stadium is one of the most powerful, complex and large-scale systems ever installed in Lithuania.


Video system, lighting control

Two large-format LED screens are installed in the stadium for information or video broadcasts of sports events. Two more 10.5 x 5.8 m high-brightness LED screens are installed on the stadium roof, which are protected against the effects of precipitation and temperature fluctuations. Signal is transmitted to the screens via optical cable network. The operator with mobile video information processing device can choose a workplace from two places within the stadium – the main operating room, or in the commentary tribune on the opposite side of the stadium. LED screens are suitable for displaying not only detailed information of sports events, but also high-definition video clips or live broadcasts.

Audiotonas engineers implemented a centralized stadium lighting control system that uses DMX signal transmission over a local computer network (DMX over LAN). Such a solution allows the lighting operator to connect and control the system from different locations within the stadium.


System for flag raising

In accordance with UEFA requirements the stadium must have ceremonial flagpoles or alternative flag hoisting solutions capable of raising and lowering a minimum of 3 flags. The solution adapted by Audiotonas – three motorized 6m long horizontal trusses are installed under the roof of one of the spectators’ tribunes. All three trusses can be raised and lowered simultaneously or any one at a time. The carrying capacity of each structure is up to 150 kg, so large size flags or advertising posters can be hung. Motorized drives for raising flags are equipped with overload protection and end position sensors, and meet the standards of safe use for spectator events.


Evacuation warning sound system

In addition to the event sound system, the stadium is equipped with a completely separate fire warning and evacuation control system, containing 29 sound zones. This system is located in the common areas and in addition to the evacuation announcements, it also performs the function of providing background music and commercial messages to the common areas. The system meets the strict standards of EN54 requirements – ensuring clear and comprehensible audibility of messages, the main components of the system are resistant to the effects of fire and heat up to the expected limits. A total of 586 units of various speakers were used to create the system from manufacturers RCF and AMC, and the power of the entire system is 7000 W. There are 5 microphones for voice announcements located in different locations within the stadium premises, which can be used to reach any or all of 29 sound zones.