Audiovisual systems in the administration building of Senukų prekybos centras company

UAB “Senukų prekybos centras” administrative building, Islandijos pl. 32, Kaunas

At the beginning of 2014, a modern administrative building of UAB “Senukų prekybos centras” opened its doors in Kaunas. The construction and installation of the 7-storey building cost 88 million. The building accommodates almost 1000 employees of the administration of the Senukai retail chain, it was built in almost the busiest place in Lithuania – near the Kaunas-Klaipėda highway, and the Mega shopping center. Audiotonas has installed modern audiovisual systems and automated control of these systems in the conference hall and 22 meeting and conference rooms.

The conference hall is equipped with a modern Martin Audio sound system Omniline. The miniature modular acoustic system Omniline consists of acoustic modules that are mounted in a common, vertically formed array. Each module emits sound 100 degrees horizontally and 5 degrees vertically. The number of modules is determined by the physical parameters of the room, modeling with special software. Once the system size has been calculated, it can be assembled from a set number of modules. The program specifies the angle at which the modules should be directed to the listener. The system is assembled by mounting the module members in the position specified by the program. Once the system is assembled, it is hung at the intended height. Such an acoustic system emits sound very precisely to those places which were intended for programming the acoustic result of the room. No doubt the sound pressure will be the same and even throughout the space. Because the system consists of modules that emit sound in an extremely narrow vertical, there is no risk of sound reflections. In this way, the system allows the sound direction to be evenly distributed to the desired location and set the system so that the sound does not spread to unnecessary spaces or planes where unwanted sound reflections may occur. The sound system uses the new AMC digital audio processor DSP88, controlled by a computer network. Additional connections are installed in the hall, allowing the use of audio equipment for larger events.

The conference room is equipped with a high-resolution NEC video projector and a highly-reflective ADEO video screen, so the visual information on the large screen is perfectly visible even in a well-lit room. Conference participants can connect their computers or mobile devices to the audiovisual system of the hall in up to four places via KRAMER switch boxes installed in solid solid wood furniture.

For easy control of the hall equipment, the automated control system CRESTRON has been installed. Any visitor to this modern conference hall is able to control the devices with the help of a touch screen installed in the grandstand. Not only video and audio equipment is controlled, but also the hall lighting system and blinds.

The modernly equipped meeting and conference rooms are equipped with AMC acoustic systems, KRAMER video and audio switching equipment, NEC video projectors and NEC 55 ”diagonal monitors, ADEO video screens. In each hall, all audiovisual and computer equipment is controlled using Crestron equipment control panels, which are built into the furniture. The management of the audiovisual system does not require any technical knowledge from the users, so any employee or guest of the administrative building can prepare the hall for a meeting or presentation.

The entire building automation system can be managed centrally with the help of CRESTRON RoomView software. This enables service staff to monitor the status of audiovisual systems and to operate them from their place of work and to assist staff remotely. All installed systems can be prepared for remote operation in advance of the event before and after the event. This saves energy resources and prolongs the life of appliances and their components, lamps and screens.

In most meeting rooms, Audiotonas has also installed POLYCOM conference phones for high-quality teleconferencing. Two halls are equipped with video conferencing and a one-button audio recording system.

The set of implemented solutions provides excellent conditions for productive work of administrative staff, organization of business meetings and staff training.